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about THREAT: The THREAT acronym represents the Triple Helix cybeR sEcurity Africa summiT. We have used a bold font to emphasise the importance of the subject matter as well as its criticality. It also represents the strong technical risk reduction measures implemented across industry and government institutions, but critically that these implementations are not as secure as expected. The distressed font represents the danger faced by institutions through various attack vectors, most significantly by untrained/unaware users and non-compliance with policies and procedures. The intertwined three ribbons into a triple helix represent the three key components of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy for our country. Through THREAT we bring together these three silos to improve Africa’s cybersecurity posture. Located and anchored in South Africa, we have chosen the colours of our flag for various components of our logo. Appearing on the logo will be a year or event type that clearly describes the type of event.

The first THREAT event in 2019 dealt with specific emerging information and cyber security issue facing us. Papers presented were published in the proceedings of the conference. Once again, submissions to THREAT 2023 will take the form of research papers, position papers, and Keynote addresses by invited speakers and sponsors. The THREAT events are not intended to be vendor events, but will sometimes include exhibitions by event sponsors.

The THREAT events remain vendor neutral and these exhibitions are not endorsements by the THREAT organisers. THREAT™️ is a registered trademark of the Cybersecurity Institute Africa (Pty) Ltd.