Speaker 1

Stewart Wapwanyika

Masterclass Instructor, EC-Counsil

Stewart is a passionate professional in the realms of cybersecurity, enterprise architecture, DevSecOps, and cloud security. With an extensive background in enterprise security architecture, cloud computing, solutions architecture, security consulting, risk management, and security engineering, Stewart is an adept expert in the design and implementation of cost-effective, high-performance, and secure technology solutions.

One of Stewart's remarkable strengths lies in his ability to foster culturally diverse, team-centred operating teams. His skill set extends beyond technology, encompassing excellent business process acumen and a keen aptitude for strategy development.

Stewart's passion extends to enabling organizations to conduct business securely, and he's equally dedicated to mentoring young professionals looking to make their mark in the field. His vast experience spans various domains, including cloud security, application security, network security, and systems security, across a wide range of sectors such as mobile telecommunications, the United Nations, the aviation sector, technology services/consulting, and banking. He is also a certified instructor for EC- Council, Microsoft ,CISCO and CompTIA certifications.

To complement his wealth of practical experience, Stewart has laid a solid theoretical foundation through educational and professional training. He holds a Master of Science in Information Security and Digital Forensics, which he earned in 2023. His impressive list of certifications includes CISSP, CCNP Security, CEH, CHFI, NSE 7 Network Security Architect, Microsoft Cybersecurity Architect, CYSA+, IBM Qradar SOC Analyst, and IBM Qradar SIEM Administrator. In addition to these, Stewart has undergone a multitude of professional vendor training programs, further enhancing his expertise in the various products and toolsets he has encountered throughout his illustrious career.