Speaker 1

Neal Kushwaha, Chairperson of the National Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE Canada)

Neal is a recipient of the Royal Canadian Humane Association’s Silver Medal of Bravery and commendation from the Governor General of Canada, an international multilingual speaker, chairperson of the National Security Centre of Excellence (NSCOE Canada), a guest lecturer at Stellenbosch University, and a motivational speaker.

The NSCOE’s mission is to help safeguard Canada and Canadian interests by advising and guiding Canadian entities of multidomain threats and risks to national security through collaborative research in the areas of politics, strategy, policy, law, and technology. As the current chairperson of the NSCOE, Neal’s responsibilities include (1) building awareness and (2) increasing the capability and maturity of Canadian entities on sovereignty & national security threats and risks.

Through his research and practical experience, Neal has written and published papers on cyberspace related to the International Law of Armed Conflict, International Humanitarian Law, International Human Rights Law, sovereignty, policy, doctrine, and technological matters. While he is a prominent speaker at conferences on the global stage, it is his climbing that generates the most interest. Climbing since 1992, he is an experienced and accomplished mountaineer, and climbs under the banner of Big Climbs, including Everest.