Day One: Strengthening African Cybersecurity: The role of Government and National CERTs - Best Practices and Strategies

The first day of the conference will be an exclusive Government National Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) round-table, parts of which will be open to conference attendees and sponsors. As more developing countries establish and mature their national CERTs, membership to organisations like the Forum of Incident Response Security Teams (FIRST), which is a reliable measure of maturity, become increasingly important.. Approximately 16 African countries have national CERTs that are current members of FIRST.

Objective: To develop a roadmap and strategies for developing and maturing national cybersecurity capacities. To identify regional cybersecurity priorities and discuss policies, procedures, legislation and strategies to effective combat cybercrime.

In this workshop we explore the African cybersecurity landscape with a view to developing comprehensive national and institutional strategies, building capacity and awareness, and creating actionable plans. The role of government CISOs, national and regional initiatives, and best practices for information sharing and collaboration among governments will be discussed. Specific case studies, delving into frameworks and standards, risk management, and resource allocation will be discussed.